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Swami Om Ji Biography, Age, Wiki & Photos, Video [Bigg Boss 10 Contestant]

Swami Om Ji Biography, Wiki & Photos – The much-awaited reality shows Bigg Boss 10 has already begun on October 16th with quite an exciting line-up of contestants. While all of them whether, celebrities or common man, seem extremely interesting, but the viewers cannot get over one personality Swami Om Ji. This participant left host Salman Khan laughing out loud with everything he did on the stage and inside the house as well. So, have look at the Biography of this interesting person.

Om Swami Ji

Om Swami Ji

Sadachari Saibaba Swami Om Ji Biography & Wiki Profile

Om Swami Ji Bio & Wiki – Swami Om Ji is popular Hindu baba. He is one of the Aam Aadmi contestants in the tenth season of the show.  He is from Delhi. He completed his PHD in Astrology. He once claims to be from an Independent political party contesting in the Delhi Assembly Elections 2015 from Palika Bazaar in New Delhi. He is a part of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and claims Prime Minister Narendra Modi has approached him out for campaigning. Here are some amazing facts about this common man.

Date of BirthNot Available
AgeNot Available
Current CityDelhi
Height5 ft 2 inch
HobbiesNot Available
Marital StatusSingle

Facts about Om Swami Ji

  • He is one of the well Known Hindu Baba in India.
  • He is fluent in Sanskrit.
  • His friends called him Om Ji.
  • He wants to make the world as a peaceful space where everyone can happily live in.

BB10 Contestant: Om Swami Ji Photos Image, Video

Om Swami JI Pics Images Videos – Swami OM JI has been approached as a contestant on the 10th  season of reality show Bigg Boss. He is one of the lucky participants who joined this time as a Commoner contestant. He is all set to give tough competition to other common contestants and celebrities contestants too. He is an entertaining man like baba who considers his mentors as his bhakt log, his intellect will be unmatchable on the reality show. So, we can expect him to be the calming factor during any kind of fight inside the Bigg Boss house. Here we have shared some pics, photos, and images of Swami Om Ji.

Swami Om Ji

Swami Om Ji

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  1. This baba is actually “Swami Sadachari” listed at Point 5 on the Indiatimes News Page

    Swami Sadachari was arrested for running a brothel.

    He claimed that he could light branches with simply the energy of his eyes. However, this was debunked by famous rationalist Sanal Edamaruku in 1985, when Sanal demonstrated the same trick by using chemicals discretely placed under branches.

    1. What a disgusting low standard of this program bringing bstrds like OmSwami and making disgusting fun of Religion specialy by salman mothrfkr criminal, shame on these bstrds including colors.

      1. Nothing against salman but om is a bastr insaan.chor da put. Why big boss keep disgusting fukr. Now priyanka has come I’ve stopped watching big boss. math ur chaoud…all the best man veer gujar

  2. Dhongi jutha sadhu k Nam p klank

  3. The most cheapest person in bb house, he doesn’t know how to respect women as bb is appreciating so this season I really hate due to this person only.

    He should be evicted asap from this house

  4. it is thoroughly enjoyable

    1. U stupid what enjoyment from this man who is against morality.

    2. Salman saab respect to u AND THANK U for hosting big boss .Why the heck have u allowed jaga to come back and her kanjur dad swami is disgusting .He is a thief and disrespects women.This is my last show unfortunately we have had enuff.Swami go to hell. Donkey baba

  5. Dongi baba dove swami

  6. Seriously he is a jerk…dhongi, selfish, illiterate person. Such kind of people will never bring peace to any part of life of anyone…so world peace is far away from his reach….. First of all he should try to peace out for himself….Lol guy

  7. Kuch bhai hai Entertainment hai ye pata chalna chahiye pure desh ko ki sahi galat notankiyo vaalo se

  8. Chutia baba… nos-sense… but entertaining

    1. Teri maa ka bhosra

  9. Interesting person but bb is the wrong choice.should respect women.

  10. isse jada ghatiya aadmi nahi ho sakta koi.baba kaha se hai to karmkandi baba hai.mile to sale ko nanga daudau rod pe.

  11. Dhongi baba… Kick him out of no… Double faced, tries to get sympathy by shedding crocodile tears.

  12. Jo b bolo inki baate hume intertain karti hai


    1. aapne ki hai isse baat hai himmat baat krne ki ise smjhane ki…

  14. don’t give respect to women so chep person dhogi Bbba swami om

  15. Maghia madharchod

  16. gud entertainer babaji

  17. babaji fake hai but manoranjan bhi bahut karte hai

  18. He is Totally Fake, Lier Person in big.boss house He don’t respect girls in Bigg boss house he say that in big boss house all girls are my daughters But he always say Dirty words & Abusing Language about all girls are in house I request to Bani&Monalisa give him a Tite Slap on his face…When ever his team said to do task or any work this person don’t do work properly if his team Said anything to him then he started his Drama he is Totally fake person Bigg boss give me chance then I will show how to respect girls & How to talk someone…..

  19. He is fake baba. Nobody respect him in Delhi as well. He is known for his lies which is his habit. He has some chemical locha in his mind, behaves like a psycho. Abusive, characterless, complete bullshit.

  20. Good going Swami Om ji My vote for you… you are only full on entertainment

  21. Baba k naam pe kalank, gaali jitni do kam hai aur jo gali di toh gali ki beijjati, chutad aadmi hai, buddhi m gobar bhara hua hai. Hawas ka poojari hai baba, bas na chale toh rape ya murder attempt kr skta hai insaan aur hasne ka sabse bada paatra hai ye chutad insaan, desh nikala ho jana chahiye iska toh , chaante muh pr jitne utne hi pichwade pr pade page khtm ho skta pr is aadmi ki chutadgardi nhi

  22. Excellent entertainer. Big boss and salman are biased towards him. He is the only person eho provides content in this season.. do not evict him please. Keep supporting swami ji

  23. Only one Entertaining person in bigg boss house

  24. haramkhor bhenchode.

  25. sala ek number ka chutiya hai dhongi hai Baba Kay Naam pay kalank hai sala chor hai sala cycle chor shameless

  26. very entertaining

  27. First would all Om ji shud not have come here wearing the saffron robe.
    Second can anyone poke fun to those bloody Mullahs who are awfully regressive..disrespectful to women?
    Only HINDUS can be poked fun at

  28. most entertainment babajii. Girls are doing worst.

  29. 1 minut ke liye bhi tv pe nahi dikhana chahiye,Harami sala

  30. तथकथित “स्वामी”ओम जी देश केलिए कलंक है,देश की धर्म भीरु जनता की आस्था का नाज़ायज़ फायदा उठा रहा है,इसको स्वामी कहना बंद कर सिर्फ “ओम”कहना चाहिए,
    खुले आम चोरी कर रहा है ऐसे चोर को पुलिस के हवाले करना चाहिए,बिग बॉस क्या यहाँ किसी घटना य दुर्घटना की इंतज़ार कर रहे है,मारपीट पर पुलिस में दे देते है इस चरित्र हीन चोर ढोगी बाबा जो कुल आम मांस अंडे का सेवन कर बता रहा है हरेक पाप का पश्चात किया जा सकता है ये हमारी धार्मिक भावनाओं का मज़ाक है जिसकेलिये बिग बॉस जुम्मेवार है।इस पुलिस के हवाले करिये इसने महिलाओं के विरुद्ध ऐसे शब्दों का उपयोग किया है जो समाज में व् कानून जुर्म है।सख्त कार्यवाही हो।

  31. Chor hai sala bhikhari

  32. This old guy may be little low in nature but in that house here are more lower ppl are acting under mask. the way he is trying no mater how low that is we should support him untill rahul evict

  33. He is diminishing the image of Hindutwa. And all his followers should now unfollow him. Really just a disgusting and shameless man.

  34. I don’t blame the contestants or the media to screen such nonsense shows but the people like us who views these shows and then criticizes them. Are we all so ignorant about the fact that we are the people who’s creating a demand by viewing and increasing TRP and thereby generating huge revenue for the media and the channel partners??? So, stop viewing and criticising these weirdos and glorifying them. More we talk about them, more famous they get.

  35. I don’t blame the contestants or the media to screen such nonsense shows but the people like us who views these shows and then criticizes them. Are we all so ignorant about the fact that we are the people who’s creating a demand by viewing and increasing TRP and thereby generating huge revenue for the media and the channel partners??? So, stop viewing and criticising these weirdos and glorifying them.

  36. Swamiji, if possible join TCS in my earlier process. They really need someone like you.

  37. Sabka waat lagadi babaji.every one is pissed off and cant handle 60 year old man.very entertaining body can fight him in big boss.sirf omji big boss mei dik rahe hai har baat omji nahi goondaji hai ,dho kadam pichey.footage kathey raho omji kon jane big boss jieth jave.

  38. Only entertainer in bigbosd

  39. Sala baba chotiya ko raja hai pr dekh na final mai Jayega pka

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