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Bigg Boss 10 Episode 75 (Om Swami & Rohan Fight) 29 December Written Updates

Bigg Boss 10 Episode 75 (Om Swami & Rohan Fight) 29 December Written Updates – The Captaincy task inside the Bigg Boss 10 house is turning a lot more aggressive and dramatic among the housemates. Fights and controversies are taking place between the contestants especially among Rohan Mehra and Swami Om while accomplishing the task. In the previous episode of Bigg Boss 10, we saw how Rohan Mehra engaged into an argument with Swami Om who caused trouble to everyone sitting in front of Igloo house.

These insane act by Swami Om certainly created havoc inside the house irritating the housemates. Gaurav and Lopamudra Raut also lashes out at Swami Om for creating mess and disturbances during the captaincy task.

Bigg Boss 10 Episode 75 – 29 December Online

Bigg Boss 10 Episode 75

Bigg Boss 10 Episode 75

The upcoming Episode 75 of Bigg Boss 10 will not be the pleasant and serene for the contestants. In the race for winning the captaincy task Rohan Mehra and Manveer Gurjar are facing the tough battle against each other. But there is a one man in the house, Swami Om who is creating much more havoc and troublesome conditions to the rest of the contestants during the Captaincy Task. Enjoy the most intriguing and entertaining 29 December- Episode 75 of Bigg Boss 10 Online on Colors Tv official website and also on Voot and JioTv app.

Bigg Boss 10 Week 11 – Om Swami & Rohan Fight

The Week 11 of the Bigg Boss 10 has so featured with chaos and conflicts among the contestants while completing the respective task. The fight between Om Swami and Rohan is getting intense and fierce leading into physical clashes between the two. Once again they both involved into a severe combat during the Captaincy task. Manveer and Rohan have to compete for the captaincy task. But Swami Om who wants Manveer Gurjar to win the Captaincy task interrupts in between Rohan Mehra which ultimately leads into a heated argument between the two. Rohan Mehra loses his temper and slaps Swami Om on his ears resulting Swami Om to be taken to the hospital.

Bigg Boss 10 29 December Written Update

The Captaincy Task inside the Bigg Boss 10 house is getting serious after shocking events between Swami Om and Rohan Mehra. The Written Updates of Bigg Boss 10 29 December Episode will feature another disastrous and brawling condition among the contestants. In tonight’s, 29 December Episode of Bigg Boss 10 Manveer and Rohan are handed with another captaincy task where flower bed is placed in the garden area. Two different colors of Flower beds will be given to the competitors where each of them has to plant maximum flowers on the flower bed. The one who bears the maximum flowers will be declared as the winner of the captaincy task.

Bani J will be the Sanchalak of the game. During the task, the contenders have to follow the rule of protecting their flowers from the other and no housemate will support or help their favorite contender while accomplishing the task. Rohan Mehra and Manveer Gurjar were carrying out the task swiftly where in the middle Swami Om enters into the task and destroys the flowers by removing them from the flower bed. These act of Swami Om irritates and annoys other contestants where Rohan Mehra aggressively shouts and pushes Swami Om.

Rohan Mehra is punished by Bigg Boss for this inhuman act thereby nominating him for the entire season. This decision of Bigg Boss upsets Rohan Mehra who shouts and becomes violent inside the house. He also locks himself inside the toilet breaking down into tears and tells Bigg Boss to remove him from the show instead of nominating for the entire season. He also says that he will not eat or drink anything until he is not allowed to go home.


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  1. This is the one of the wrist show and bastard show I have never seen in my life.big boss vul gaya us ka v ek baap he or Bada big boss he José public kehete hen.this tym big boss is wrong.rohan punish k liye belkul deserve nahi kart a he.natanki om ko bachane k liye or show k trp badhane k liye big boss jaan bujh k ye sab kar raha he.sayad bigboss ye vul gaya he ki ruler om v Dhaka diya swami k sath Jo v hua kuch galat nahi hua he.WO deserve karta he.captaincy ane k baad manver rang or manu ka asli rang dikhne laga.shame…on.don’t watch this show…

  2. Rahul k upper Jo v punishment he WO jaldi se wapas lo.or omji ko that se nikalo.really a mental person.sala choir omji.

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