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Bigg Boss 10 Episode 55 [Bani J vs Om Swami Fight] 9 December Written Updates

Bigg Boss 10 Episode 55 [Bani J vs Om Swami Fight] 9 December Written Updates – Each and Every new episode of Bigg Boss season 10 are turning out to be much more interesting where everyone of us is enjoying fights and controversies among the contestants while accomplishing the Captaincy Task. Week 8 is totally concentrated on the Captaincy task as curiosity is huge among Bigg Boss 10 audiences to reveal the new captain of the Bigg Boss 10 house. There is a stiff competition between two contestants Gaurav and Priyanka Jagga standing against each other as the strong contender to be the Bigg Boss, 10 Captain. Also in the previous episode, we saw how the verbal spat arouses between Bani J and Lopamudra Raut during the press conference making Bani J leave the press conference in the middle.

So the upcoming Bigg Boss 10 Episode will be exciting episodes as to see which contestant successfully overcomes the Captaincy Task finally achieving the Title.

Bigg Boss 10 Episode 55

Bigg Boss 10 Episode 55

Bigg Boss 10 Episode 55 – 9 December Online

Captaincy Task is getting much more intense with Gaurav, Nitibha and Lopamudra standing with equal points . Now in Bigg Boss 10 Episode 55, Bigg Boss will announce the housemates to choose one of the above three contenders as the second contender of Captaincy Task against Priyanka Jagga who is already in the race for Captaincy with maximum points. Gaurav Chopra will be the choice by the majority of Bigg Boss contenders but other contenders like Nitibha and Lopa would definitely oppose to their decision. So it will be an interesting Bigg Boss 9 December Episode 55 Online which can be enjoyed by visiting  Colors Official website and also can be viewed on Mobile App Voot and JioTv.

Bigg Boss 10 Week 8 Bani J vs Om Swami Fight

Bigg Boss Week 8 Episode can be termed as the most controversial and quarrelsome Episode with Bani J vs Om Swami Fight. Bani J from the last two episodes seems to be losing her temper once during the press conference against Lopamudra Raut and now with Om Swami Ji. The incident took place during the new task for captaincy which was held between opposite rivals Priyanka Jagga and Gaurav Chopra. It was a physical task where they have to hand from a rope with their picked teams and whichever teams sustains for a longer time will be declared as the winning team.

But unfortunately, during the middle of the task Om Swami Ji curses Bani J that we all dread in our worst nightmares, that her mother would die. This words certainly lets Bani J loose her temper during the middle of the task seen lashing out at Om Swami J. These insane remarks by Om Swami J makes her feel much more furious and frustrated finally bursting down into tears requesting Bigg Boss to exit her from the game.

Bigg Boss 10 9 December Episode Written Updates

We all will see some exciting events in the 9 December Bigg Boss 10 Episode as the race for captaincy seems to be getting much worse and provoking among the contestants. Priyanka Jagga is already announced as the top Captaincy Contender by the Bigg Boss and now there is a competition between Gaurav Chopra, Nitibha Kaul and Lopamudra Raut to be the second Contender standing with equal points. So Bigg Boss has announced to choose the second contender from the above three contestants on the basis of housemates votes. During the Voting Process there occurs a verbal argument between Lopa and Priyanka as Lopa states to her that “ Priyanka is feeling insecure because she sees me as a tough competitor”.  Priyanka also replies her dominantly “ It would be fun to defeat her in the captaincy task”.

Later on, Rahul Dev puts up the suggestion that he will go with the majority of votes finally deciding Gaurav Chopra as the Second Contender of Captaincy. This surprising move by Rahul certainly upsets Lopa who had a great trust in him.

Bigg Boss 10 9 December Episode Written Updates :

Bigg Boss 10 will announce an enchanting new task between these two top contenders Priyanka Jagga and Gaurav Chopra where both will be hanged in the air with the help of harness. The Contenders will have two teams where each team have to keep their Contenders hanging in the air by pulling the other end of the rope. So this mysterious task has certainly created much more havoc between the contestants while accomplishing the task. Om Swami J passes mean comments on Bani J during the task where Bani J reacts shockingly stating that “ issne bola meri mom mar jayegi, kon hote ho tum”. Om Swami Ji regrets wih his comments “ Kaan pakad leta hu maafi mangta hu, insaan hu mein bhagwaan nahi”. Bani J request Bigg Boss 10 facing the camera “ Nahi Khelni hai mujhe ye stupid si game, kyunki ye bahut hi galat ho raha hai”.

So today’s 9 December Episode inside the Bigg Boss 10 house will have the never seen before actions and drama totally engaging episode to watch out for.

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