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Bigg Boss 10 Episode 54 [New Captain] 8 December Written Updates

Bigg Boss 10 Episode 54 [New Captain] 8 December Written Updates – The luxury budget task of BB Taxi stand announced by Bigg Boss 10 in the house created a lot of chaos and havoc between the commuters, Taxi Drivers and Sanchalak. This task certainly brought split among close friends especially between Gaurav and Bani while collecting the points for themselves. Also, Priyanka Jagga who was designated as a Traffic Police entertained every one of us by showcasing her strict and adamant behavior especially against the commuters Rahul, Lopa, and Jason.

The Week 8 BB Taxi Stand luxury budget was one of the most exciting and enthralling tasks which brought much more controversies, fights, and challenges among the contestant.

Finally, the Luxury Budget Task ended with yesterday’s Bigg Boss 10 Episode 53 thereby bringing a sigh of relief among the contestants.

Bigg Boss 10 Episode 54

Bigg Boss 10 Episode 54

Bigg Boss 10 Episode 54 – 8 December Online

In the pursuit of saving points, now contestants have started playing new games and strategies to find themselves in the ra

ce of Captaincy. There occurred a rift between Bani J and Gaurav Chopra when she asked Gaurav to have some points, but Gaurav refused her which resulted into an ugly fight between the two. Also, Priyanka Jagga had a verbal spat with Rohan Mehra when he refused to hand over his points to her also joined by notorious Om Swami Ji. So these luxury budget task has certainly created a lot of misconceptions, differences, and disagreements between the contestant while accomplishing the task.

Bigg Boss 10 Viewers can enjoy the Bigg Boss 10 8 December Episode 54 by watching it Online on Colors Official website and also on Voot And JioTv Mobile App.

Bigg Boss 10 Week 8 New Captain

Lopa, Bani , Gaurav, and Priyanka have certainly stolen the show of the Bigg Boss 10 previous episode where the biggest Challenger  Priyanka Jagga is holding the maximum amount of money by the end of the BB Taxi Stand Task was declared to be eligible for the Captaincy by the Bigg Boss. Also, there is another tough competitor Lopa who is heading in front of her in the race of the captaincy task . So it will be interesting to see in the upcoming episodes as which contestants grabs the Week 8 Bigg Boss 10 New Captain Title.

Bigg Boss 10 8 December Written Updates

Bigg Boss 10 8 December Episode will be full of drama, fights and disputes among the contestants as they will be seen doing a mock press conference with Journalist who are going to grill them with questions. Bani J walks out of the press conference which was being interrupted continuously by Lopa while she was answering the questions to the Journos.

The 8 December Bigg Boss 10 Written Updates will showcase the following events inside the Bigg Boss house.

You will see Gaurav Chopra in different avatar playing a smart game in the luxury budget task. In one such incident Priyanka Jagga questions Rohan ove breaking rules asking Rohan that “ Kya App Khane Pina ka Saaman kuch leke aye ho yaha pe. Nahi app saman leke aye ho na”. Priyanka Jagga questions to Bigg Boss that “ Yeh Ladka (Rohan) nahi kiski sunta hai, ye bhaag ke aaya hai. App game me part hi nahi le rahe ho aur fine tak dene ko tayaar nahi ho”. Rohan also replied to her statement that “ Mein Police walo ko fine nahi deta hu, jab mere koi galti nahi hoti hai”. This resulted into a bitter argument between the two. Also during their argument , Om Swami Ji enters into the conversation between the two using mean words to Rohan thereby  resulting in another fight between Swami Om and Rohan Mehra.

Lopamudra Raut is also showcasing her mind games wherein one such incident hides her bundle of money points not willing to hand over it to her rival Priyanka Jagga. Priyanka Jagga questions her about the money points “ Ky tum bhul to nahi gayi ho, tumne yaha to nahi kahi chupa rakhe he, Chupane paise allowed nahi hai. Priyanka begans searching  every corner of the house. Meanwhile, Gaurav Chopra comes with the Lopas money point. Lopa gets frustrated on Gaurav’s behavior stating to him “ Apne mere points chori kiye hai congratulations”. Priyanka Jagga tells Bigg Boss that “ Itne sare Bathroom me jathi thi, chupake ati thi, ye points mere hawale aa gaye hai”. Lopa certainly gets annoyed with these actions and screams at Priyanka “ Ye mere Points hai aur isse chori nahi kehte agar mein apna points bacha rahi hut toh, Apne aur Gaurav ne mere points chori kiye hai”. Priyanka says to Lopa “ Ab tumhare sare points khatam ho gaye hai, tum chalo jail”. Lopa refuses to go to Jail and says to Gaurav that “ Apne puri ghar ki game badal di hai ,ek stupid harkat karke”.

So it is quite clear that Priyanka Jagga with her dynamic skills and perfect game plans is truly dominating the BB Taxi Stand task finding herself as the strong contender for the Week 8 Captaincy,

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  1. Priyanka is so cheap that she does not respect n tries to befriend others in the house. She thinks she will b tolerated forever but I think Baani n Lopa will put her in her place.

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