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Bigg Boss 10 Episode 51 [Manu Punjabi’s Exit] 5 December Written Update

Bigg Boss 10 Episode 51 [Manu Punjabi’s Exit] 5 December Written Update – It was an entertaining and astonishing last weekend inside the Bigg Boss 10 house which was attended by Bollywood star Ranveer Singh and his Befikre Co-star Vaani Kapoor. The actor shared the floor of the Bigg Boss show with an electrifying  dance performance on Celebrity host Salman Khans hit song  “Tera hi Jalwa “ and “Dhinka Chika” which was also joined by beautiful actress Vaani Kapoor entertaining the audiences and viewers of the show.

Bigg Boss calls Bani J in the confession room asking her about her experience with the contestant in the challenger room which was eventually surprised by the actor Ranveer Singh by joining her inside the room. Later she announced every one inside the house that the cool actor is in the Bigg Boss house which certainly excited everyone inside the house. Later on, Vaani Kapoor also joins him where they both enjoy the show by playing exciting games along with the contestants.

Bigg Boss 10 Episode 51

Bigg Boss 10 Episode 51

Bigg Boss 10 Episode 51 Online 

In the last Weekend Ka Vaar Episode, One of the nominated contestants Elena Kazan was evicted from the house who entered the house as a wild card contestant a few days back. Also Bigg Boss 10 contestant Manu Punjabi was called by Bigg Boss into the confession room informing him to leave the house at certain circumstances which shocked him as well as everyone inside the house. His sudden exit from the house certainly disheartened his close friends Manveer and Monalisa letting Mona crack down into tears for his close friend’s dismissal. Now these unusual circumstances have certainly made their rival contestant Priyanka Jagga happy as she was very much keen to break their friendship which happened automatically to her.

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Bigg Boss 10 Week 8 Manu Punjabi’s Exit from House

Week 8 Episode of Bigg Boss 10 has come with the shocking incident where one of the strong  Bigg Boss 10 contender Manu Punjabi aka Manu has to make a sudden exit from the house . All the Bigg Boss fans and audiences were disturbed and upset with this disappointing news. But the reason behind Manu Punjabi exit from the Bigg Boss 10 came with the sad news of his mother’s sudden demise, unfortunately making him leave the sets of the reality show.

Manu Punjabi along with other contestants was not informed about this news and he was just asked to step out of the house.

Bigg Boss 10 5 December Written Updates

Elena Kazan eviction and Manu Punjabi’s sudden exit from the Bigg Boss 10 house have certainly brought a new twist into the Bigg Boss 10 show. Now the upcoming episodes of the Bigg Boss 10 will be quite interesting and intriguing as the top contender Manu is out of the house and it will certainly change the conditions and circumstances inside the house as Priyanka Jagga, Lopa, Bani and Nitibha will plan strategies and game plans to face the new challenges and task. Also, another entertaining and most amusing contestant among viewers Om Swami Ji have been eliminated from the house last week with the non-bailable warrant issued against him. He has to appear before Delhi court on December 3 for different criminal cases lodged against him. Thus the two top eliminations of Manu Punjabi and Om Swami Ji has certainly put everyone amazed where now curiosity is huge among fans for the upcoming Bigg Boss 10 show.

We are presenting the Written Updates of 5 December Episode 51 of the Bigg Boss 10 Show.

  • Manu Punjabi’s Exit From the house

In today’s episode 51 of Bigg Boss 10 the top contender Manu Punjabi has been called by Bigg Boss into the confession room and informed him to leave the house  which shocks him as well as other fellow contestants. He is also surprised by this Bigg Boss decision asking Bigg Boss that “You are Saying all this seriously”. Bigg Boss answered him positively and says him to come out fast. Manu leaves the confession room and meets his close friend Mona informing her that he is leaving the house. She also reacts shockingly and tells the news to Manveer. Manveer also reacts to this news stating that “Why are you going now? What happened? They both got very much unhappy with this information thereby bursting into tears.

So stay tuned for the latest news and updates as Manu Punjabi’s sudden exit will certainly bring a lot more changes, challenges and barriers among the Bigg Boss 10 contestants which will be an enchanting episode for every one of us to enjoy.

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  1. So sorry that Manus mum passed away n he had to leave suddenly. Manu has been very fair n entertaining of course with his pal Manveer. Hope he is back in the house soon. My sympathy is with him. Glad that Swamiji is out as he was a rough cookie n no control over his abusive words. Guarav u r very positive but I think u should have had the courtesy to lift or help Ranveer when he fell n got injured. Hope the house gets cleaned under the captaincy of Gaurav. Hope Ranveer recovers with his injury soon. Baani I understand your feelings but remember u have to b brave n selfish to sustain in the house.

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