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Bigg Boss 10 Episode 46 [New Captain] 30 November Written Update

Bigg Boss 10 Episode 46 [New Captain] 30 November Written Update –With a lot of twists and turns in the previous episode of Bigg Boss season 10, one for the pointed personality Om Swami Ji caught in the act of stealing materials inside the house. This flagrant act by Swami Ji made other contestants especially Manu and Manveer to accuse him of robbing things from the house. The entire drama of these rob act made the episode more interesting and entertaining with Swami Ji finally broke down into tears denying the accusations.

Also, the dome task which was announced by Bigg Boss between wild card contestant and the nominated contestant has finally revealed with the task winners and the newly nominated contestants. So this week we will find new faces sitting in the nominated list of which one contestant will be evicted from the house in the Weekend Ka Vaar Saturday’s episode.

It can be rightly termed the episode to be full of drama, accusations, verbal spats and controversies thereby continuing the trend of entertaining and shocking the audiences and Bigg Boss fans.

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Bigg Boss 10 Episode 46

Bigg Boss 10 Episode 46

Now the Bigg Boss 10 Episode 46 has commenced with the testing time for Manu and Manveer as their friendship seems to be in danger with the inclusion of wild card contestant Priyanka Jagga. Also in Episode 46, Manu and Manveer has revealed to Priyanka Jagga that Om Swami Ji has been robbing items from the house when they found Om Swami Ji with some suspicious act in the bedroom. This time Rahul Dev, Bani, Elena and Jason Shah have been nominated for the week’s eviction process and Bigg Boss has announced this housemate to stay in the challenger room hereafter.

So enjoy the entire Bigg Boss 10 Episode 46 on the popular On Demand Video app and web portal Voot for free.

Bigg Boss 10 Week 7 New Captain

Rohan Mehra who was very much confident and fearless as Captain has to lose his captaincy as he was not able to manage and regulate other contestants, breaking rules inside the Bigg Boss house. So Bigg Boss finally decided to put down Rohan as a captain due to his disappointing performance and lack of responsibility. Now the race for captaincy has begun between two best housemates Manu and Manveer causing a rift in their friendship.

They both are given test tubes filled with water and who’s ever test tubes runs empty will ultimately lose the task. This task will run until final two contestants are left. So this task for Bigg Boss 10 Week 7 New Captian will be an exciting and intriguing episode which will create a lot of controversies, arguments, and contentions between the Bigg Boss contestants.

Bigg Boss 10 30 November Written Updates

Manu, Manveer, and Priyanka have started planning to be the next captain of the Bigg Boss house. So today’s episode will bring much more twists and turns among the contestants with the Captaincy task assigned by the Bigg Boss 10.

Here are the Bigg Boss 10 30 November Written Updates

  • Priyanka Jagg and Om Swami Ji conversation

Om Swami Ji will now be looking to revenge against Manu and Manveer with their latest accusations of robbing the items. He is sharing his views to Priyanka Jagga as how Manu and Manveer are behaving with him. This conversation is heard by Monalisa who confronts Om Swami Ji which also results into a verbal spat between Priyanka Jagga and Monalisa.

  • Bani J Birthday Celebration

Bigg Boss surprises Bani J on her birthday by sending a protein cake which makes her happy and excited with this amazing gift. All the contestants celebrate her birthday by cutting the protein cake.

  • Captaincy Task creating rift between Manu and Manveer

Rohan Mehra is put down as the captain of the Bigg Boss house and now Bigg Boss has assigned a new task for contestants to become the new captain. The contestants are handed with test tubes filled with water and the one who sustains with the filled test tube, in the end, will be honored as the captain of the house. So strategies and planning will emerge between the close housemates Manu and Manveer to down turn each other in order to become the new captain of the Bigg Boss house.

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  1. Bani is doing good and she gives her all efforts to the task of last night for luxury budget but what happened to the gharwale they even do not have any humanity for bani….. and look at to the loppa why she behaving so cruel to bani! Is she blind thst she couldnot looks what bani has done for them? This is so mean bigboss and why salman sir do not give strong and true punch over the contestants like he did in earlier season. now contestants do not fear in weekend ka war and that’s why bigboss 10 became boring…..

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