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Bigg Boss 10 Episode 40 [Om Ji & Rohan Fight] 25th November Written Updates

Bigg Boss 10 Episode 40 [Om Ji & Rohan Fight] 25th November Written Updates –Each passing Day contestant learns a new lesson inside the Bigg Boss house. While, relationships, and friendships go through a grueling test. The pleasant relation between Lopamudra and Manu now has taken a beating because both were unsuccessful in accomplishing a secret task which was appointed by Bigg Boss, where they had to rob gold from the captain Rohan’s vault, who was the owner of the gold mine. Their successful attempt could have changed the captaincy and one of them could have become the captain of the house by replacing Rohan. But it didn’t happen as both are seen blaming each other.

So, after making several attempts to rob Rohan’s gold, Lopa finds herself getting failed every time. And hence after a few attempts to grab gold, she gives up. And then goes on to apologize Bigg Boss and complaints about Manu is not actively participating in the task. In yesterday’ episode, we also witnessed lots of arguments among housemates.  So, along with this high-voltage drama, keep an eye open the brand new wild card entries of the show.

Bigg Boss 10 Episode 40

Bigg Boss 10 Episode 40

Watch Bigg Boss 10 Episode 40 Online (Voot)

Yesterday, the BB gold mine task was given out to the contestant and under this task, the contestants are supposed to dig out the gold and hand them to captain Rohan Mehra. If they successfully, completed the task, then Rohan will continue to remain captain for the week. As Lopa and Manu failed to do a secret task, Rohan once again becomes the captain of the house. Last night, we also saw some war of words between Om Swami, and  Rohan Mehra , while Bani and Mona got into an argument over cleaning utensils. In the last episode, Bigg Boss asks captain Rohan to nominate four contestants who failed to perform up to the mark in BB gold mine task.  The first name that Rohan picks is Swami om, who feels that Rohan betrayed him. So, in today’s episode get ready to watch a lot more fights inside the house. You can watch Bigg Boss 10 episode 40 online from official website of Voot.

Bigg Boss 10 Swami Om JI & Rohan’s Fight

After the announcement of Bigg Boss, BB gold mine task gets started with excitement, but one of the contestants, that was, Swami Om refuse to perform the task. When captain Rohan, asked him to perform the task, he said that his team is not asking him to take part so, he won’t participate in the task. Then after, Rohan and Swami get into a fight. As we saw in tonight episode, of Bigg Boss 10, Rohan Mehra has once again won the captaincy and will also secure from next nomination. After much of arguments, cries, fights and much more, this week’s full entertaining luxury budget task has come to an end. Then just after the completion of the task, Bigg Boss asked captain Rohan to select four worst performers of this week. So, for Rohan, it was time to take revenge from everyone who was against him during the task.

Without any guesses, he declared  Lopa, Mona, Nitibha and Om Swami as the worst performers of the week.But that’s not over, Bigg Boss then, asked  him to pick up two names out of these four names, who he wants to send jail for punishment. The first name he takes is Om Swami. After taking his name Swami gets angry over Rohan and accuses him of picking up as one of the weakest contestants of the week.  So, tonight there will be yet another round of showdown between captain Rohan and Om Swami, who will be heard saying that he made Rohan the captain of the house and now he was punishing him.

Bigg Boss 25th November Written Updates

Fights are bound to happen when different people are made to stay in one house. But today viewers will witness something different in the reality show. Rohan being the captain is given the power to make anyone of the housemates of his Katputli out of Lopa, Nitibha, Mona and Om Swami. He chooses Om Swami as he stole few things during the luxury task. When Rohan announced that he will punish Swami Om, he gets angry. And said that,’ ehasaan faramosh aadmi’, and to this Rohan reply by calling Swami a thief and dacoit. Swami Om takes the argument to another level and target Rohan’s family. For this type of behavior, every housemate lashes out on him. So, are you excited for Bigg Boss 10 25th episode to know about what punishment will captain Rohan give to his puppets?

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