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Bigg Boss 10 Episode 39 – [New Captain] 24 November Written Updates

Bigg Boss 10 Episode 39 – [New Captain] 24 November Written Updates –  Bigg Boss 10 is leaving no stone unturned to keep the fan entertained with its controversies and new tasks as well. Yet another day at Bigg Boss house which landed in another controversy. Even, Bollywood’s actress and former Bigg Boss contestant, Sunny Leone was roped in for two special episodes to spice up TRP of the reality show. There are going to be no elimination this week, though participants are not aware of this.

In the yesterday’s episode, Bigg Boss introduced new task. So, as per the new weekly task contestants were seen dig up the ground for hidden gold. Lopamudra Raut has been given a secret task, where she has to hamper this weekly task by stealing the gold and hiding it. If Lopa succeeds to do this task, then she will automatically become the contender for the next week’s captaincy. While, Manu Punjabi is also appointed by Bigg Boss along with the Lopa for this secret task. So, it will be exciting to watch if contestants win this task despite Lopa’s attempts, Rohan captaincy will continue for another week.

Bigg Boss 10 Episode 39

Bigg Boss 10 Episode 39

Watch Bigg Boss 10 Episode 39 Online

Last night, Bigg Boss assigns a new task for the contestants in which the entire garden area is converted into a gold mine. While everybody was busy getting themselves involve in the task, an ugly verbal fight started between Om Swami and Nitibha. In yesterday’s episode Om Swami was the topic of discussion, Lopa , Rahul Dev and Manveer discuss that he is difficult to deal with. While,  Lopa, and Manu was seemed to discuss their newly appointed task. Lopa finally decided to steal the gold from the vault, later on, Lopa tries to patch up with Rohan, but Rohan was sleeping, but she was unsuccessful to attempt the task in her first try. So, get ready to watch Bigg Boss 10 Episode 39 to see will Lopa and Manu succeed in winning the secret task?

BB10 Week 6 Captaincy Task Winner

The 10th season of Bigg Boss is known for some real surprises and shocks at different levels. After completing the nomination task, Bigg Boss introduced another luxury budget task, of the week named BB Gold Mine. In this task, the garden area of the house was converted into a gold mine and as a Rohan is currently the captain of the house, he becomes the owner of the mine and while other housemates were his workers. The twist in this new task is that if housemates win this task, then Rohan will become captain again for the next week.

While, on the other hand,  Bigg Boss appointed a secret task to Lopa and Manu to steal the gold from the treasure box. Under this task, bot of them has to steal 50% of the gold from the box which is recovered by Rohan Mehra from BB Gold Mine. So, if they will successfully do this task, then they will get nominated directly for the captaincy task. Yesterday, at midnight, Lopa tries to steal gold from the box when Rohan was sleeping. But she failed to do so, as Rohan caught her. And she continues her attempt in next day as well. So, now it will be very much interesting to see who will be the next BB10 captaincy task winner?

Bigg Boss 10 24 November Written Updates

As per the newly assigned task, housemates were seemed to be digging up the garden area for hidden gold. This task leads to more politics as while some people want Rohan Mehra to stay as a captain while another group is not interested in extracting more gold. On the other hand, Lopa has given a secret task, as she tries her  best to steal gold from the treasury, so, it will be very exciting to watch will she succeed?  Last night we also witnessed Nitibha and Baba’s fight, while Rahul Dev tries to intervene but Om Swami was not willing to listen. Rahul tries to pacify but Baba thinks that he is against him. So, it looks like Rahul is Om swami’s next target. So, enjoy Bigg Boss 10 24th November episode as your will get to see another side of calm and composed Rahul Dev.

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