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Bigg Boss 10 Episode 38 – [Captaincy Task] 23 November Written Updates

Bigg Boss 10 Episode 38 – [Captaincy Task] 23 November Written Updates – After a most controversial and spicy nomination task, Viral Video Fever which was judged by former Bigg Boss contestant and B-town actress Sunny Leone.  She was nostalgic in the yesterday’s episode when she was chosen to judge the nominations task and enter the Bigg Boss house. In the nomination task, Bani’s team put up a dramatic and a serious act, while, Lopa’s team makes it funny and sarcastic. After seeing the performances of both the teams it’s time for Sunny to enter the glass-walled house of Bigg Boss 10 and meet the contestants. She names Lopa’s team as the winner, while Bani’s team failed to impress Sunny with their task that means putting all the teammates in the list of nominations this week.

This is the first time in the show that an entire team has been nominated for the eviction. So, that means, Bani J, Manveer Gujar, Gaurav Chopra, Nitibha Kaul and Rahul Dev nominated to be evicted for this week. So, let’s see who will succeed to secure their place inside the Bigg Boss 10 house.

Bigg Boss 10 Episode 38

Bigg Boss 10 Episode 38

Watch Bigg Boss 10 Episode 38 Online

Last night on Bigg Boss house, we witnessed some exciting performance from contestants at the viral video task. At the end of the task for the day, both the teams, team Bani and team Lopa placed equally on the scores, however, both the teams had delivered some interesting task to grab Sunny Leone’s attention. But its Lopa’s teams who succeeded to impress her with their hilarious video. And on the other hand Bani’s teammates have failed to impress her and as per the rule of yesterday’s task, now they have landed in the danger zone. And now after the completion of this viral video task, Bigg Boss has given a newer task to them in today’s episode. So, stay tuned with us for more updates. Also enjoy and watch Bigg Boss 10 Episode 38 online here.

BB10 Week 6 Captaincy Task Winner

The contestants of Bigg Boss 10 have begun to play the game with new strategies and planning. With each passing day, participants are getting more and more aggressive and indulge in more fights and arguments too. Now Bigg Boss 10 has been entered in its 6th week with some amazing and entertaining tasks. As we know Bigg Boss is not going to be easy without some struggle and after luxury budget task, the housemates have been introduced with a new task for the captaincy. Bigg Boss have already introduced captaincy task, wherein both Lopamudra and Rohan Mehra won the task.

And in the coming days, the garden area will be converted into a gold mine. Manu and Lopa will be given a secret task for captaincy which could spoil relations and also create misunderstandings between Lopa and the present captain, Rohan. As a race to captaincy has started with a big twist on its way. So, it’s very interesting to see, will present captain Rohan continue as a captain for another week?

Bigg Boss 10 23 November Written Updates

The Viral Video Fever task has gripped the contestants of Bigg Boss 10 and we saw that day two dawns with them dancing to the tunes of Baby Doll gearing up for the next part of the nomination task. Last night, we witnessed the first attempts of the contestants trying to impress Sunny Leone and save themselves from nominations in the Viral Video War. So, now its time to see a lot more drama inside the Bigg Boss house with some new tasks. And it would be interesting to know which contestant will be shown the door this weekend. In tonight’s episode, you will get to see some fights between Om Swami and Nitibha Kaul as she accuses him of threatening her.

Nitibha Kaul had a word of war with Om Swami Ji scolding him “ Apne in Harkote ke vajese app Jail jayoge , app ko pata hain na. Appke chachere mami ki beti hai kya vo, Leone Leone bol rahe the unko “ Om Swami ji also replied with aggressive reaction “ Meri Marji hain , woh meri beti hain . The verbal fight continued where Nitibha Kaul said to Swami Ji “Footage Khane ki chakar mein kya kya karoge.nikalo yahe. Disgusting man . Appki Marzi yehan nahi chalegi”. Swami Ji threatens her by saying “ Tum mere se panga mat lo “.

Bigg Boss has given secret task to Lopa & Manu in which they have to rob half of the items from Khazaana . If they are successful in accomplishing the task they would be the next captains of the Bigg Boss house.

So, get ready to enjoy Bigg Boss 10 23rd November episode with much hype and excitement.

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  1. Swami om is no good but a trouble maker n very aggressive. He sometimes drools over the ladies of the house. It’s time he gets evicted. Manu n Manveer r the best entertainers. Guarav is very balanced n calm n handles Bani very well.

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