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Watch Bigg Boss 10 Episode 3 Online (Luxury Budget Task) – Day 2 Written Updates 18th Oct 2016

Watch Bigg Boss 10 Episode 3 Online Video – Day 2 Written Updates – With the commencement of the great Indian Television show Bigg Boss 10, the house is fixed with a lot of drama and conflicts right from the Day 1.Bigg Boss on Day 1 assigned the task where the commoners will become Maliks and the celebrity contestants their Sevaks. These terrible and arduous task is having a tough time for celebrity contestants to act and work according to the common contestants. But this converse situation in the house has really brought great interest into the show to enjoy the conflicts between some of the common and celebrity contestants.

Bigg Boss 10 Episode 3

Bigg Boss 10 Episode 3

Watch Bigg Boss 10 Episode 3 Online HD

Watch Bigg Boss 10 Episode 2 Video Online – Some of the hard-hitting contestants like Priyanka Jagga, Manu Punjabi from commoners group have begun their fights and arguments with the celebrity contestants. It was on Day 2 (Episode 3) Bigg Boss announced a luxury budget for the celebrity contestant which is a quite interesting move to test the celebrity quotient into the Bigg Boss house. Viewers can enjoy the live streaming of Bigg Boss Episode 3 Online Video in HD by visiting colors tv official webpage and also on popular On-demand video streaming Voot App.

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Bigg Boss 10 Day 2 Luxury Budget Task

Bigg Boss 10 1st Week Luxury Budget Task – After assigning a task on Day 1 for the common contestant to live like Maliks of the house and celebrity contestants as sevak, it added more excitement to enjoy the show on how the celebrity contestant would  handle this difficult task. The day 2 came up with big announcement into the Bigg Boss house which was a luxury budget task for the celebrity contestant.

Common Contestants have shared one secret with Bigg Boss before entering into the house and now this secret will be revealed in front of celebrity contestants one by one and they have to guess which secrets belongs to Common contestants. This task has added more twist into the show as if the celebrity contestants win this task they will become the Maliks and the common contestants will be Sevaks.

Bigg Boss 10 Episode 3 Written Updates (18th October)

Bigg Boss 10 Episode 3 Written Updates – The first day of the Bigg Boss season 10 ended on a fiery note with Manoj Punjabi one of the common Indiawala Contestant got very much aggressive with his nomination for the eviction this week. It is for sure that he is going to make the celebrity people life more terrible and uneasy inside the house.

It was on Monday 18th October the show witnessed a catfight between two contestants Priyanka Jagga and VJ Bani which was raised with the question asked by Priyanka to Bani about her age.

Akanksha Sharma & Lopamudra to get into major fights with Swamiji tonight over his controversial behavior! ”
Aap sirf pravarchan karte rehte hain, aapke actions ekdum alag hain.” Akanksha Sharma takes on Om Swami Ji
Lopamudra Says “She has lost all respect for Om Swami Ji”

Manu calls sevak celebs ka banaa khana “vaahiyaad” which obviously doesn’t go down well with the celebs!

The Sevaks have started retaliating and the Maaliks are feeling the heat.

“Aap sant hain, sant ki tarah rahein” Lopamudra to Om Swami ji!

Bigg Boss 10 is getting more interesting Now Akanksha Sharma has been ticked off by Om Swami Ji!

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  1. Hello sir I don’t understand why r u bring in ur show such a fucking man swami om.kya ye necessary he ki show ko hit karane k liye ap aise ghatia character jaise logo ko show mein rakhte he .Jo publicity k liye kisi v hadd tak niche gir sakta he.cycle choir kahinka.apne hi bhai k dokan se cycle part churake as court mein 30,000.. dene ka.punishment hua he.baba k naam per aise character ko log kaise mante hen.had baar wahi baba ka ghatia harkat show dekhne ko ab mann nahi karta he.Hindu naam pe Jo sala jar raha he bahar aya to pitai ho jayega.jis ko apne maa k bare mein v pasta nahi he.swami om kam tha phir a gaya priyanka jagaa.the most cheep lady I HV never seen in my life.jaisa baap waisa beti.but there are some contestants extremely well.such bani,Lola,manu. these three are so well.I hope in main se koi winner ho.

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