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Bigg Boss 10 Episode 23 (Luxury Task Winner) 16 November Written Updates

Bigg Boss 10 Episode 23 (Luxury Task Winner) 16 November Written Updates – These season of Bigg Boss is getting quite interesting and entertaining with each and every new episode. We have so far witnessed fights and controversies between Common Contestants and Celebrity Contestants making the conditions worse inside the Bigg Boss house. Already three of the Bigg Boss 10 contestants Priyanka Jagga , Akanksha Sharma and Navin Prakash have been evicted from the house.

The contestants are into the fifth week inside the Bigg Boss 10 house and we all have witnessed controversies, fights , brickbats and entertainment among the housemates. Every week the Bigg Boss comes with the nomination and this time the contestants were asked to select 4 names who they think are less entertaining and the four names who go nominated are Monalisa, Rahul Dev, Karan Mehra and Lokesh Kumari Sharma.

Bigg Boss 10 Episode 23 Online (Day 31) Highlights

Bigg Boss 10 Episode 23

Bigg Boss 10 Episode 23

Day 31, Episode 23 of Bigg Boss 10 was interesting and surprising one where the housemates wake up with their no belongings and no food in the house. This was the strategy of the Bigg Boss for the new luxury budget task to take away all the belongings of the housemates and were asked to wear clothes given by the Bigg Boss. But no sooner there emerged fight and argument between Om Swami Ji and Manveer after Om Swami Ji’s rejection to wear the clothes given by Bigg Boss.

These time the task is divided into two teams Rohan’s Team and Monalisa Team. Lokesh, Lopa , Bani, Rahul are in Rohan’s team while Manveer, Manu, Gaurav, Om Swami and Nitibha are in Mona’s team.

Following are the Highlights of Bigg Boss 10 Episode 23 (Day 31)

  • The serious fight between Rohan and Manveer during the rasgulla task.
  • Lopa and Bani indulge into an argument with each other supporting their teammates.
  • Om Swami made the controversial comment on Mona and Manu’s closeness calling Mona as Manus Premika, this annoys Manu who marching towards Om Swami Ji to hit him.
  • There emerged a spewing argument between Rohan and Manveer during the luxury budget task where Rohan tells Manu “ Tu Bhai Bhai Karke, Peeche se chura bhokta hai. Mard ban ke khel le’. Manu replies him saying “ Tu Sikhayega Mard Ban naa?.
  • A hilarious situation occurs inside the Bigg Boss house where purposefully to tease Om Swami Ji , Manveer Gurjar enters the washroom just before Om Swami was about to.

BB10 Week 5 Luxury Budget Task Winner

The challengers inside the Bigg Boss house get their first task for the Lock Down Luxury Budget Task which is divided between the two teams. The Week 5 Luxury Budget Task comprise of eating rasgullas by challengers of each team. Nitibha Kaul one of the Bigg Boss contestants reads out the task that One Challenger from each team has to compete against each other . The contestant has to gulp down 25 rasgullas each to win the task . Manu Punjabi and Rahul Dev compete against each other for this strenuous task. It was indeed a tough battle between the two where team leaders have to decide who had finally won the task , but they come up with different opinions and finally have to scrap down the task.

Bigg Boss 10 16 November Written Updates

Not a single day inside the Bigg Boss house is ever left out with controversies, fights, and disputes. The Lockdown task introduced by the Bigg Boss is now taking different turns and twist among the contestants. The contestants are finding it difficult to cope up with the task thereby losing patience and landing themselves into the fight, battles, and struggles with each other. On Day 31 Episode 24 of  Bigg Boss 10, we all would witness the following incidences inside the Bigg Boss house.

  • Gaurav Chopra and Lopa have to drink the full jug of Kerala Juice for their next task in today’s episode.
  • This task seems quite bitter as that of the Kerala Juice as the two captains Mona and Rahul gets into the verbal fight when Lopa and Gaurav were busy in accompanying the Lockdown task of drinking Kerala Juice.
  • Some contestants are not listening to Om Swami Ji and thus Om Swami Ji is not happy with Bigg Boss where he screams facing the camera “ Bigg Boss apke Bigg Boss hone ka kya fayda yeh to apse bhi upar ban gaye hai. Ye appki baat ki izzat nahi karte toh apke Bigg Boss hone ka fayda kya hai”.
  • Gaurav and Bani seem to be discussing about captain Rohan Verma . Gaurav is explaining Bani that “ Rohan itne josh se argument kar raha tha who bhi galat point pe”.

So this lock down task has started creating nuisance and havoc between the two teams which you will enjoy in today’s 16th November episode of Bigg Boss season 10.

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