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[Day 10] Rohan Mehra Vs Manu Punjabi Fight – Bigg Boss 10 Episode 11 Online & Written Update

Bigg Boss 10 Episode 11 Online & Day 10 Written Update (Rohan Mehra Vs Manu Punjabi Fight) – The second week of the Bigg Boss season 10 inside the house has started with a bang where the first week eviction of Indiawale Contestant Priyanka Jagga has created much more chaos and tensions between the commoners resulting into continuous controversies and fights among them. Indianwale Sevaks as not ready to listen and are having frequent arguments along with Celebrity contestants which we witnessed in the Day 9 Episode during the laundry task. Manu Punjabi, Manveer Gurjar and Navin Prakash refused to cook food and wash dishes on Episode 10 of the Bigg Boss show.

So the atmosphere and overall scenario inside the Bigg Boss house is tightening and becoming stressful between Indiawale and Celebrity contestants making it more entertaining and amusing episodes to watch out for.

Bigg Boss 10 Episode 11

Bigg Boss 10 Episode 11

BB10 Day 10 – Rohan Mehra Vs Manu Punjabi Fight

Bigg Boss 10 Episode 11 Rohan & Manu Fight – The temperature inside the Bigg Boss house is soaring high with the Laundry Task assigned by the Bigg Boss to the Indiawale and Celebrity contestants. Day 10 inside the Bigg Boss 10 house began with a strange conversation between Celebrity Contestant Rohan Mehra and Indiawale Contestant Manu Punjabi. During the luxury budget task of cleaning the clothes, there has been lot of arguments and complaints between the two groups  of cheating and being unfair while performing the task. During one such wicked conversation, Rohan Mehra complains that Manu Punjabi is unethical and charging towards him while performing the laundary task. Rohan Mehra’s comments ultimately irritates and annoys Manu Punjabi and Manveer Gurjar after which Rohan Mehra starts instigating by dancing and teasing in front of them. These unusual behavior of Rohan Mehra allows Navin to lose his temper and he warns Rohan to behave himself otherwise he will not spare him.

Manu and Manveer too lose their cool where Manu rushes towards Rohan to beat him and pushes him back. So Day 10 inside the Bigg Boss house will be much more dramatic surrounded by fights, actions and controversies.

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Watch Bigg Boss 10 Episode 11 Online

Bigg Boss 10 Episode 11 Online – Episode 11 inside the Bigg Boss house will be the dhamakedar episode as the viewers will witness struggles, brawls and confrontations between Indiawale and Celebrity contestant during the Luxury Budget task. The Episode will be the series of complaints, arguments and disputes between nominated contestants Manveer Gurjar, Rohan Mehra, Manu Punjabi and also Navin Prakash. So don’t miss the live action of these happening and entertaining Bigg Boss 10 Episode 11 by visiting Colors Official Website and also on Voot and JioTV app.

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Bigg Boss 10 Ep 11 Written Update (26 October)

Bigg Boss 10 Episode 11 Written Update – The laundary task assigned to the Bigg Boss 10 contestant has certainly made their life inside the house more miserable and chaotic. The contestants inside the Bigg Boss house are inclined more towards creating trouble for each other rather than accomplishing the task successfully. It was on Epidsoe 11(26 October) Bigg Boss blow a siren for the next batch of clothes goeson, where both the teams run to grab the maximum number of clothes. During the run chase, Om Swami Ji accidentally drops a shirt which Lopamudra picks up. Swami Ji screams loudly that Lopamudra Raut is cheating and snatching away clothes from him.

Also worse condition took place between Indiawale and Celebrity Contestant when Navin Prakash sabotages the Celebs hardwork by pouring water on their clothes . All the Celebrity contestants mainly VJ Bani screams and shouts at Navin saying “ Tu Pagal ho gaya hai kya , agar ye hamare task ko sabotage karega to main bhi karungi”.

There arose a verbal fight between VJ Bani and Nitibha Kaul when Nitibha refused to make coffee for Bani saying her “ App Ek Cup Coffee do minute baad ya pandhara minute baad bhi pee sakte hai”.

Also Monalisa and Karan Mehra shared their feelings about the laundry task inside the Bigg Boss house.

Fans and viewers will also enjoy a close physical assault between Rohan Mehra and Manu Punjabi during luxury Budget task in Episode 11 which will make this episode the hard-hitting episode of the week.

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