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Bigg Boss 10 Ep 24 Online (Captaincy Task Winner) Written Update 17 November

Bigg Boss 10 Ep 24 Online (Captaincy Task Winner) Written Update 17 November – It was indeed an interesting and entertaining Episode 23 which took place on 16th November inside the Bigg Boss house. As everyone of us witnessed a massive fight between Rohan Verma and Manpreet . The fight between the two led Bigg Boss to warn and call both of them into the confession room to sort the matter out.Once again the verbal fight emerges into the confession room where Manu leaves the confession room and also decides to leave the Bigg Boss house. But Monalisa convinces him to visit the confession room where he later joined with his rival housemate Rohan Verma.

The Karela task assigned by the Bigg Boss was won by Lopa against Gaurav but it also had some heated arguments between their captains Mona Lisa and Rohan. Bigg Boss congratulates the contestants for performing the strenuous “Lock Down Luxury Budget” task successfully and captain Rohan as the winner of the task. Om Swami is the only contestant who is held responsible for Mona Lisa’s team losing the task as he had ignored and argued with his teammates during the task and also didn’t cooperate with his team.

Bigg Boss 10 Episode 24

Bigg Boss 10 Episode 24

Episode 23 ends on the happy and delightful note when Bigg Boss sends delicious food in the house rejoicing Mona, Manu, and Manveer with a lot of joy and pleasure. Episode 24 will be much more amusing and enchanting which will feature new challenge once again with the captaincy tournament where Rahul will compete against Rohan and Lopa against Karan.

Bigg Boss 10 Episode 24 Online – Captaincy Task Winner

Now Bigg Boss has decided to have a competition between four contestants from Rahul’s team, Karan, Lopa, Rohan, and Rahul. It will be a great fight between them to win the task in order to  emerge as the new captain for the coming week. Rohan and Rahul are assigned with the task and it will be a tough battle between the two to get through this difficult task. Also, Lopa and Karan will compete against each other which will be interrupted and deviated by other fellow contestants.

So enjoy Bigg Boss 10 Episode 24 Online  – Captaincy Task Winner  on Colors Television official web portal and also on Voot and Jio Tv app.

Bigg Boss 10 Ep 24 Written Update 17 November

Episode 24 commence with fights and verbal conflicts between Bani J and Lopa. Bani was not pleased with Lopas work of cleaning the floor of the Jail. Lopa had an argument with Captain Bani saying to her “ Do your work I am doing my work, Main apne hisab se kaam karungi, I am doing it don’t interfere everywhere”. Bani also replied strongly “ Captain ka kaam hota hai batana, Mein appko panch minute se dekh rahi hu, app araam se kar rahi ho”.

Om Swami Ji is also entertaining his co contestants on the question of rebirth asked by lopa . He is explaining how he survived the accident when he was in the hospital which is quite hilarious and funny moment to watch out for.

Lopa and Monalisa are sharing conversation about Bani J. Lopa is telling to Monalisa that “ Pata nahi Bani ko mere bare mein kya insecurity , jealousy hai”

Nitibha Kaul tells everyone about selecting the new captain “ App  Ghar ka Naya captain team Rohan ke bache hue chaar 4 contestant Karan, Lopa, Rahul and rohan mein se koi ek banega. Aaj in chaar sadyaso ke beech kuch muqable ka tournament hoga”.

Thus Episode 24 will bring lot more drama, controversies between the contestants while accomplishing the task to be the new captain inside the Bigg Boss house.

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