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Bigg Boss 10 7 December Episode 53 – Luxury Budget Task Winner

Bigg Boss 10 7 December Episode 53 – Luxury Budget Task Winner – Each and every single day inside the Bigg Boss house seem to be taking new twist causing much more fights and struggles among the contestants. Now Bigg Boss has introduced a new luxury budget task called as BB Taxi Stand which was announced by Gaurav among the Contestants in the previous episode. This luxury budget task is indeed interesting where Bani J and Manveer will be the taxi driver, Priyanka Jagga will be Traffic Police as well the Sanchalak  and rest of the contestant will be passengers.

So with no doubt, these luxury budget task will certainly create much more dispute and fights among contestants where passengers will find it difficult to follow the rules of the Taxi Drivers and also Sanchalak Priyanka Jagga.

Bigg Boss 10 Episode 53

Bigg Boss 10 Episode 53

Bigg Boss 10 Episode 53 – 7 December Online

The 7 December Episode 53 of Bigg Boss 10 will be much more intriguing for the fans and audiences as it will comprise of verbal spat and differences between the contestants while following the BB Taxi Stand luxury budget task. It seems that Traffic Police Priyanka Jagga to be taking full advantage of being Sanchalak of the commuters screaming and howling at them while accomplishing the task. She is playing a very determinant and tough part as a strict traffic police which is certainly annoying some of the passenger contestants not in a mood to obey the rules.

So everyone must be excited to witness the engaging and bewitching Bigg Boss 10 7 December Episode 53 Online on Colors TV official website and also on Voot and Jio Tv app.

Bigg Boss 10 Week 8 Luxury Budget Task Winner

In the BB Taxi Stand luxury budget task, each housemate is allotted 2000 points to spend on their travel . Now the more challenging task is allotted to Priyanka and taxi drivers Bani and Manveer as they have to collect the maximum amount from the passenger housemates, where the housemates have to save their maximum points by negotiating or refusing to pay points to the taxi driver and Traffic police. So one of the three contestants with the maximum points will contest for the captaincy and also on the other hand from the housemate’s one with the maximum points will become the second contender for the Bigg Boss 10 Captaincy Task.

So now there will be a race between commuters and taxi drivers, traffic police to gain maximum points which will ultimately lead to conflicts , struggles, and confrontations among them. It is indeed going to be an enchanting Week 8 Luxury Budget Task Winner Episode of the Bigg Boss 10 to watch out for.

Bigg Boss 10 7th December Written Updates

The 7th December Written Updates of Bigg Boss season 10 followed with series of disagreements and challenges while accomplishing the luxury budget task. Now Priyanka Jagga as traffic police is set on a mission to collect maximum points from the commuters. In one such incident, Bigg Boss orders Jason to wear his mic to which Priyanka Jagga as a Sanchalak asks him to pay the fine for breaking the rules. She indulges into a verbal fight with Jason Shah while collecting the points as he refused to pay the points as a fine saying that “ Tum idher se Kappda lekar aya hai, fine do” Jason Shah also replies in the same style “ Mein tumko Ek rupaya bhi aur nahi dunga, abhi bol kya kareegi app” . Priyanka continues with an argument “ Tu dhamki de raha hai, karegi toh dekhna kya karungi saare note le lungi”. Jason ends up the conversation saying her “paagal”.

Another victim of Priyanka’s attack is Rohan Mehra . Priyanka asks Rohan for money, where Rohan replies to her” ye thodi na hota hai daadagiri karne ka. Priyanka arrogantly asks Rohan “ Tum aise karoge toh mera dimaag fhirega” . She shouts at Rohan “ Do note dedo baite raho yehi pe.” Rohan also refuses har “Bilkul nahi dunga”.

Lopamudra also shared a verbal argument with Priyanka Jagga when Priyanka asks her for a fine. Lopa strongly refused her to pay fine stating that “ Nahi dene hai mujhe”. The atmosphere turns much more intense leading into a physical fight between the two while snatching the money. Also, another interesting and disgusting incident took place inside the house during the BB Taxi Stand task where Om Swami wanted to use the washroom. Bani and Manveer ask him for Rs 100 as a fare to use the washroom. Om Sami refuses to pay 100 rs and thereby pees off in a mug making everyone surprised and irritated with these Swami Ji’s obnoxious act.

Todays 7th December Episode of Bigg Boss 10 will be a fun filled and entertaining episode which will be centered more on Priyanka Jagga who is trying to behave as a dictator in a pursuit of becoming the captain of the house.

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